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After several years of running a really successful business, my entire industry took a hit and sales were down.

Even with a team of talented people, I kept feeling there was something missing.

Enter Mike LeMieux – my very own business and marketing guru who, within just a few months, played a significant role in helping me turn things around Revenue is way up, company focus has increased and my mind has more clarity than it has in a long time.”

Becky Higgins

7-figure business owner & thought leader @beckyhigginsllc

If you're looking for ways to grow your company using social media, you're in the right place.

Hi, I'm Mike, and whether you're just getting started in business or have been running your business for years, I can help you sell more through social media.
My clients have made millions of dollars leveraging social media traffic, organically, and I'm ready to teach you everything I know.

Katie Stauffer @kcstauffer

"Mike listened to my pain points and mapped out a strategy for me. I followed the plan with excitement.. and literally watched my business and audience blow up in the most amazing way possible."

Emily Meyers @thefreckledfox

“There is no-one I could recommend more to help you hit your social media goals and monetizing your business further than Mike LeMieux.”

150k followers to over 9M – 7-figure business

6-figure business owner | Thought leader

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“ After running my business for 8 years, I just felt stuck as to what my next steps should be! Working with Mike has re-energized myself and my business, helping me to align my focus with the work that actually matters and not get caught up in the fluff. ”

Jenna Rammell

7-figure business owner & thought leader @JennasKitchen

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