Odds Are You’re Not Posting Enough

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There will be a few of you that read this blog post who post enough. In fact, you might post too often. For the majority of you, odds are, you’re just not posting enough, my friend.

Like I mentioned a couple blog posts ago, the social media networks are all fighting for our time. They want us to stay in their app as long as possible. The apps (especially Instagram) reward content creators for posting good, high quality content. That’s right, if you’re posting crappy content that nobody is engaging with, Instagram is not going to reward you for that. You don’t get a gold star for turning in homework your dog ate half of. You need to turn in the best work, every time.

People often ask me how much they should post in a week. My answer to this question has changed over the years. It’s changed because so have the social platforms’ algorithms. I used to tell people 3, maybe 4 times per week. Now, I don’t set a maximum or a minimum number for people. It’s really about the QUALITY of your content that is going to be the determining factor of how many times a week you post. If you can produce high quality content at a large scale, post two or three times a day. If you can produce high quality content on a smaller scale, post as much as possible. If you’re not posting to Instagram stories, what are you doing with your life?

For Instagram, the three most important places you need to post are (in no particular order):

  1. Instagram Stories
  2. Main Instagram Feed
  3. Instagram Live

These are the three ways Instagram allows you to post content for others to see. They like when people use all their features to post content. Why? You’re giving their users more of a reason to continue using the app. That’s what Instagram wants – people to use their app. When you post all three of these content types on Instagram, you will be put into more users’ discovery pages and increase the likelihood of getting discovered by new followers. You just have to make sure you’re doing it consistently. That’s why I say, the more you post (high quality content) the better.

If you’re struggling for something to post, get out there in the world and create some content. It is better to not post at all if your content is lackluster. Wait until you’ve made a funny video rather than just posting another #tbt for the 5th week in a row, including last week when you did a throwback on Wednesday too. Get outside and make some new content, folks!

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