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  1. How’s it going? It’s been a while…
  2. One of my recent Client’s sales has increased nearly 10 TIMES after working with me… (I’ll tell you more in a second)
  3. Let me explain where I’ve been and what’s happened the past two months:

At the beginning of April, my wife Ashley and I held a co-webinar. It went really well! Several hundred people attended and we had an excellent discussion about how to get unstuck, monetize your social media and stand out. If you missed it, I’m sorry!

After the webinar, I spent the rest of April coaching new clients and preparing for a month-long Europe vacation. If you want to see where I went, go check out my Instagram and look at the recent posts. I had a blast but was excited to come back home to Nashville and get back to work.

Now for some cool news…:

A Client of mine I coached in April shared with me some very exciting news. She owns a small online boutique – she sells women’s clothing. She came to me with the goal of increasing sales/profits enough to be able to quit her full-time job and do the boutique, full time.

I caught up with her a few days ago and she shared her sales numbers with me. Take a look below. These are PayPal transactions, only, for the past 4 months:

February: $911………. March: $4531………. April: $8196……… May: $9375

These results are incredible! We started working together beginning of April and her sales DOUBLED between March and April. They increased by another ~13% from April to May and she’s closing in on 5-figures for the month.

We came up with a strategy that would grow and strengthen her Facebook page. Follower count has increased 265% since we started working together – it is still growing. This is the primary reason for the revenue increase.

I’m so proud of this Client – she’s getting closer to leaving her full-time job and becoming a full-time entrepreneur! So exciting to see and be a part of this!


I’ll be sharing more Client stories soon. For now, I wanted to say “hi!” again and let you know i’m back from vacation.

If you are interested in learning more about coaching, please send me an email:  mike@mikesocial.com  I’d love to chat with you!



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