Clarity: How to take the next step when you feel stuck and confused

By December 6, 2020 February 3rd, 2021 No Comments

Social media is a powerful marketing tool in today’s ever evolving industry. Often times many are discouraged to take the steps in growing their business, and some don’t realize how big of a potential they have if they learn how to use social media correctly. In this show, I will be sharing with you the tools you need to grow your business through social media. For our first episode, we’re talking about how to gain clarity in your business’s social media marketing strategy. Let’s turn that vision into a reality!


Welcome to Let’s Get Social with Mike LeMieux. Each week, I’ll be sharing tangible tools I’ve been teaching to entrepreneurs for the last decade, to help you learn to use social media to grow your business. Using social media the right way is so much more than hitting the share button. You have to have balance, a plan, and a place to start.

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