Intentionality: How to sell on social media without being salesy or pushy

By December 6, 2020 February 3rd, 2021 No Comments

Does selling make you feel gross, icky, and uncomfortable? As we continue to dissect selling through social media, today I wanted to focus on the meaning of intentionality when selling, and how to not come off as a “pushy salesman”.  The first step is realizing that what you have to offer is valuable and needed. Join me for episode 2 of Let’s Get Social to find out how to make sales in a way that is authentic and genuine!


Welcome to Let’s Get Social with Mike LeMieux. Each week, I’ll be sharing tangible tools I’ve been teaching to entrepreneurs for the last decade, to help you learn to use social media to grow your business. Using social media the right way is so much more than hitting the share button. You have to have balance, a plan, and a place to start.

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