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It’s so easy to get caught in life’s hamster wheel, thinking you can pull yourself out, with no outside help.

I get it, I've been there.

Do you feel like you’re made to do more? Do you see others quitting their jobs to launch something they’re passionate about and want the same for yourself?

Did you know social media is the key to help you get the life you dream of living?
Do you struggle knowing how to use social media the right way?

In your mind, do you see yourself working from anywhere, sharing what you are passionate about and making money from it?

Maybe you feel you don’t “have time” because of all your current obligations.
Or maybe you feel guilty spending time and energy on yourself because “so many people need you”.
Or maybe you lie to yourself and say you have nothing unique to offer the world, so “why even bother?”

Don’t waste your precious time and resources trying to figure it out on your own

I’m Mike LeMieux and I used to be in your shoes. I knew I was made for more but didn’t know where to start. I stopped feeling passionate about what I was doing and wanted to be excited again! I wasn’t living the life I wanted to live. I wanted to work from home or wherever I wanted. I wanted to travel. I wanted to make more money. I just didn’t know what to do!

A few years ago, I began to realize I wasn’t the only one feeling this way. 

At that time, I was working for Disney where I ran their social influencer marketing campaigns. After that, I decided it was time to create the life I’d always wanted.

I started my own company which allowed me to work wherever I wanted.  I was finally passionate about what I was doing and I was making more money than ever before. I took my knowledge and experience and began helping others create the life THEY want.

Create The Life You've Desired For So Long

I give you the blueprint for social media success.

  • You have freedom with your time

  • You wake up excited to create and share content you are proud of

  • Your audience turns into paying customers

  • Your audience shows you massive respect

  • You feel happy and are achieving high levels of success

  • You become a thought leader and someone others look to for guidance

  • You work wherever you want

  • Your sales are increasing

  • Your audience is growing

  • You are more focused than ever

  • You have more time for yourself and your family

  • You are connecting with other influencers and thought leaders

  • You don’t have to work for someone else ever again

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“ I’ve been blogging and on social media for around 8 years now and just felt stuck as to what my next step should be! Working with Mike has helped re-energize my business and help me to align my focus with the work that actually matters and not get caught up in the fluff. ”

Jenna Rammell

Social Blogger & Influencer @JennasKitchen

Copy The Exact Process I Use To Grow
& Make Money From My Social Audience

You’re given full and immediate access to everything you will need to use social media the right way, grow your audience, engagement, and income. Take a sneak peak inside by looking below:

It’s easy to spot a great photo, but it’s much harder to create one yourself. Paying a photographer to make all your content gets very expensive, very fast. Wouldn’t it be nice to know how you can make your own pictures better without relying on someone else?In module one you will learn all about the top three ways to make your photos instantly better: Lighting, Composition and Editing. 

You will discover how to use lighting and how to compose your shots better so people will engage (like and leave comments) with your content more than ever before. I also share with you the best photo editing apps to use on your phone. No need to wonder what everyone else uses to edit – now you know!I believe in putting into practice what you learn. You’ll be given an exercise that will get your fire lit and growing by making content with your new-found skills and knowledge! You’ll be on your way to making amazing pictures people won’t be able to scroll past.

Do you feel like you have so much to share but don’t know how to deliver it the right way? Are you confused about when to post and how to make enough content to post throughout the week?

Module two is all about helping you create and execute a content strategy others will love. Knowing what to post and finding the time to make content are the hardest parts of it all. In module two, I break down the process and help you figure out what you should share and how to share in a way so others will engage. You’ll discover how to be an excellent story teller which is critical to success on social media.

You’ll also be given 10 unique content ideas that will get your creative juices flowing.  Module two breaks down the most difficult parts of the content creation process and makes it easy for you.

You may have heard lots of people say how important it is to have an email newsletter. Or, maybe you haven’t and now that you’re reading this, you’re freaking out a little inside because you might be more behind than you thought?Having a solid email newsletter does so much good for your personal and professional brand. It’s a way for you to take the audience you already have and make them even stronger.

I help you discover, in module three, why you need email addresses, what to do with them and how to get more of them. You’ll learn my best tips and tricks on how to get and leverage thousands of email addresses to make you tens of thousands of dollars a month.

Getting more interested? ? There’s even more… Check out templates.

Knowing what to do is great, but knowing how to do it is just as important.If you want to pitch a brand for a giveaway or sponsorship, do you know what to say to get them to respond? If your emails are going unanswered, it’s not because they’re not being read…

In module four, I help you learn the best ways to pitch yourself to brands, giving you the best chance possible at landing that brand deal with them. Another important component of module four is helping you discover what to say to other influencers in your niche so you can collaborate together.

It’s important to know and communicate with your peers. Module four gives you the template for effective communication with those folks.

Do you know what a media kit is? Do you have an effective media kit? Does your media kit explain to the brand why you’re awesome or how you can help potential brand partners achieve their goals? Does your media kit give potential brand partners information they need about you to help them want to collaborate with you?There are three specific things all brand partners want to know about you. Module five helps you discover what those are and the proper way to share them with your target brand partners.

What Happens After I Purchase?

After you purchase Social Media Secrets, you’ll be emailed both a written and audio copy of the course! Whether you’re someone who loves to sit down and read a good PDF or listen on your phone or computer, we’ve got you covered.

I want to make sure everyone has a chance to get what’s inside Social Media Secrets, so we made both the written and audio versions for your convenience and pleasure!

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Who is Mike LeMieux?

Mike is a husband, social media coach, and keynote speaker. Over the last several years, Mike has been a pioneer and leader in the social influencer marketing space. Mike was the Senior Director of Influencer Campaigns for The Walt Disney Company and has worked with thousands of influencers, created tens of thousands of branded posts and worked with some of the world’s top brands.

Mike understands the complexities of social media; from how to grow a social following, to what brands look for when selecting which creators they want to partner with, and how to monetize your following without waiting for brands to approach you. Mike’s clients have gained millions of followers, making millions of dollars.

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