New Instagram Analytics and Hashtag Follows

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Two new things happened this week on Instagram:

  1. Follow hashtags
  2. Improved analytics for business profiles

It’s showing top posts to people that follow specific hashtags. Which means, if there is a hashtag that is starting to trend, you have a higher probability of getting shown to new people. One example we can look at is #KeatonJones. This was a hashtag that popped up after a video of him went viral this past week. Now, there are over 25,000 posts with that hashtag and #Keaton has over 100,000 posts! Anyone following those hashtags will see the top posts. This particular post would not be appropriate for all pages to use unless you’re posting your thoughts on the situation he was in, but you get the idea

Finding trending hashtags will take a little bit of digging, however, you can always google trending topics and find what to post about there. And if you’re wondering why Instagram chose #slime as the hashtag to use when they introduced this new feature, slime has been blowing up the internet for weeks/months. Don’t believe me? Go click on the hashtag on Instagram.

I’m super excited about these new analytics! They are probably pretty self-explanatory, but, it now shows where your impressions are coming from, how many followers you gained from a particular post and how many profile visits your post got. This is the biggest update on analytics since they launched them. Pretty cool.

Why is this important to have these analytics? It allows us to see how our followers are reacting to certain types of posts. For example, if you’re posting about fitness, fashion and hair tips, look at how the three different types of posts are performing on the backend. It very well could be that one or more of the categories of posts are performing better than others. This is important to know so you can have a better idea of what your followers and prospective followers want to see from you! HUGE for us!

What are your thoughts on the new analytics?

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