Relatable AND Unique

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You need to be: relatable AND unique

Here’s a hypothetical / based on a real conversation I’ve had with a number of my Clients. Maybe you can relate to this…

Potential Follower (We’ll call her Phyllis the follower): “Hey Mike! Do you like to post things on social media?”

Me: “Yeah, definitely! I use social media for a lot of reasons. Sharing content with friends/family, sort of a photo journal, teaching others how to use social media, and other things.”

Phyllis: “That’s awesome! I’ve been wondering how to differentiate myself from all the other accounts out there. Seems like everyone I see nowadays on Instagram posts exactly like I do – pics of their family, food, travel, fitness, etc. I can’t figure out how to set myself apart from the crowd, and I’m getting discouraged about it. I feel… stuck.”

Me: “I hear you Phyllis. It’s all about being relatable AND unique. Even though we are all similar, we are still all very unique.”

That, my friends, is the key. We are all very similar. Whether you’re a SAHM, working mom, college student, athlete, business person, etc., we are all similar. However, at the same time, we ARE unique from one another. We live in different places, eat different food, like different music, travel to different locations, have different senses of humor… the list goes on and on. This is where the creativity should come out and we get to show off our other sides.

I want to help you, right now, figure out what makes you different than everyone else. Look at the bullets below and fill them out either in your head or on paper of your phone. If you do this, you’ll soon realize what makes you special for social and how you can differentiate yourself from others:

  1. What are the three things you are most passionate about?
  2. What are the three things you do better than your friends and family?
  3. What are the three things you want to improve about yourself?

From here, I want you to list them in order of strongest to weakest. For example, if you’re passionate about hair, fashion and fitness, what are you most passionate about compared to the least? Do this with all three of the lists you just made.

Once you’ve got your #1 for each list, look at them. These are things that make you special AND that you can post content about! If you’re making 2018 the year you take your health and life back and start working to drop 100 pounds, document that! If you want to take up boxing, document that! If you are a boss at doing hair, document that! Document it with photos and videos.

The trick is to not get too abstract with what you post about. You don’t want to take your love for listening to 18th / 19th century classical music and throw posts on your feed of you playing the air piano. People are going to think you’re a lunatic and/or not pay your videos any mind.

If you still are not sure what content you should be posting, look around at what everyone else is posting. Then, do something similar, but different. If you are a fashion blogger – are other fashion bloggers posting mommy-and-mini fashion every day? Are the other bloggers posting videos of their #OOTD? Are other bloggers posting pics of the process of how they find the right outfit to wear? All it takes is some good old-fashioned brainstorming to figure out what you should be posting. You can get creative – just allow yourself to.

Next week, we’ll be talking about how frequently and when you should post. It’s more scientific than you think.

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