Shooting Quality Photo & Video on Your Phone

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When it comes to editing photos and videos, you don’t always need an expensive DSLR camera, Final Cut Pro and Adobe Lightroom. Granted those things are great and I use all three of them for different things, but I also use free or less expensive options to create content and you can too.

Below you will find links to four videos I shot and edited on my iPhone! It takes anywhere from 5-30 minutes to shoot and edit these, depending on how many takes, cuts and the complexity of the video you’re making. Take a look at the videos! You might even laugh a little. Hilton Hospitality | When Your Friend Needs a Little Extra Motivation | Date Night Decision MakingThe Sad Reality of Closet Space

Using iMovie is a free software that comes on apple devices which you can use to edits videos. iMovie has tons of great features and is very user friendly! For the first few years I made videos, iMovie was the only thing I used. When I wanted to start editing color and exposure of the clips, that’s when I switched to Final Cut Pro. iMovie is good for basic videos.

Here is a screenshot from inside iMovie. As you can see, it doesn’t have a whole lot going on! You simply touch the plus (+) symbol to add a video or music and then it’s all there ready for you to edit!

Once you’ve trimmed the clips and added your music, you export the video to your camera roll and you’re ready to go. That’s it!

My #1 favorite photo editing app for the phone is VSCO (pronounced “visco”).  Its filters keep the color and tones very crisp and while you do have to buy some of the filter packs, they are inexpensive. Below is a screenshot of several photos I have posted to Instagram, edited in VSCO.

Here is a photo I took on my phone AND edited in VSCO! Notice the background is blurred and I am sharp? This was shot about an hour before sunset in Portrait Mode on my iPhone 7 plus. The portrait mode feature does a wonderful job as you can see and is a fantastic alternative to a DSLR with a lens that has a low aperture (the feature that blurs out the background in a photo).

There you have it folks. Simple, easy things you can do to make great content without having to buy a fancy camera and lens. If I can do this, YOU can do this!

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