Special Training: How to get more views on your Stories

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Special Training: How to get more views on your Stories

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Hey, it’s Mike and Ashley LeMieux and We’re So Excited You’re Here.

Stories should be fun.

Stories should be FUN, not stressful. When done right, Stories are a POWERFUL way to grow your business, increase sales, drive traffic to a website, work with brands and so much more. They build trust and rapport with your audience in a way no other social content can.

We know it's one of the most powerful tools within social media and we also know cracking the code to increasing your views and engagement on Stories can be so hard.

With the right strategy, you could quadruple your story views.

We've done a lot of testing over the past few years and have learned the simple (but VERY effective) strategies and tactics you need to use in order to double, triple and even quadruple your Stories' views.

We're excited to share what we've learned with you.

"Our IG Stories views doubled...seriously loved your course."


"I followed the plan and literally watched my audience blow up."


"My stories views have increased over 60%...it's working."


What we cover in the training.

Join us for a 2 Hour Training.


Get More Views

Learn what to say and do in Stories so more people see them and share them. Confidently create content and never wonder what to post again.

Get More Sales

Learn how to use Stories to sell products without feelings salesy or pushy.

Get the Right Schedule

Learn how often to post Stories and how many Stories to post at a time.

Turn Views Into Action

Learn how to get more replies and engagement then you've ever had and learn how to use that engagement to get web traffic or drive sales.


Attend a live Q&A to get answers to all your burning questions - fast.

Enjoy Lifetime Access

Get lifetime access to this on-demand training plus a guidebook full of thought starters, posting topics, templates, and checklists we use to create our own Stories.
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Only $49

This Live Training is For You If:

✓ You are a seasoned business owner OR just starting out OR an influencer OR an aspiring influencer. Stories helps you make more money, get more engagement and drive more traffic, no matter what you use social media for.

✓ You want more people to see your Stories.

✓ You want more people to engage with your Stories.

✓ You have tried and tried, but your Stories' views will not go up.

✓ You feel like you don't have enough time and can't keep up with Stories.

✓ You don't know what people want to see from you on Stories.

✓ You feel STUCK / want the next steps.

Real Results From Real People

These clients saw their businesses grow after taking our training. Yours can too.

No Need To Figure It Out On Your Own

✓ We've already done the work for you. We've spent COUNTLESS hours throughout the years, figuring out the strategies that work for Stories.

✓ Wouldn't you like a shortcut that takes you directly to the front of the line? You don't want to spend more time and money trying to figure out Instagram on your own. Come join the training.

✓ This isn't a traditional "course" where you have to spend hours and hours AFTER you purchase to figure it out on your own. We are going to walk you through it step-by-step, together.

✓ You'll leave with the knowledge you need in order for your Stories to be seen more, drive more traffic and sales, build more credibility and trust with your audience and grow your platform, now.

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Only $49

Frequently Asked Questions


How long is the training?

The training is just under 2 hours, including a Q&A where we answer tons of important questions to get your views and business growing. We know your time is precious which is why we don't fluff things up - we get straight to the point and teach you everything you need to know to ROCK your Stories.

How will I watch the training?

After you purchase the training, you'll be sent an email and asked to signup for Teachable. After you sign up, you'll have access to the training recording as well as the Stories Launchpad Workbook.

Will this training work for me even if I don't have a lot of followers?

Yes! The strategies you'll learn work for everybody, regardless of how many followers you have or why you use social media (business, personal, etc.).

Will I leave knowing what steps I need to take next to be successful?

Yes! You will learn everything you need to know to create Stories that get more views, drive more traffic and generate more sales. You'll also receive the templates, checklists, thought-starters and tools we use to create successful Stories.

We Can't Wait For You to Get Started!

Get The Training

We Can't Wait For You to Get Started!