The Power of Video

By January 2, 2018 No Comments

Posting videos is a powerful way to get exposure to your page.

As I scour through the content shown to me in the Discovery page on my Instagram account, I see various things:

  • A small section of live videos
  • Instagram Stories of people I don’t follow but might like
  • Videos I might be interested in
  • Photos and Videos based on photos/videos I’ve liked, people I follow, photos/videos I’ve saved, accounts I interact with, videos I’ve watched, etc.
  • Videos of celebrities, locations I’m in or have recently been to, trending topics and lots of other weird / cool things that Instagram wants to show me

When I analyze the top 30 posts (This does not include the huge squares of featured videos. But I probably should count those as 4 posts because that’s how large those squares are… see photo) approximately 35-45% of the posts are video.

I strongly, STRONGLY believe this number will go up as more content creators (you, me, your parents, your neighbors, your annoying colleagues) post more videos. What’s the reason for my opinion? It’s simple:  The major social/digital media networks (Facebook/Instagram, YouTube, SnapChat) are fighting for our time. They want all of it. They want to keep us in their platforms for as long as possible. Why do they want us to stay there? The longer we stay on their platforms, the more ads they can show us. The more ads they show us, the more money they make from their advertisers… more people, on the app longer, equals more money for them.

Some may argue that photos get you more engagement than videos. This can be true. However, do you see more photos go viral or videos that blow up the internet? My point exactly. Videos have the draw to be reposted by other accounts. Large accounts. Large accounts that by reposting and tagging you, draw people to your page and increase the amount of impressions, reach and followers your page gets. The engagement these photos get are only taking into consideration the likes the photos vs. videos get. You also need to look at comments, view count (video only) and the amount of times the post was saved. (Posts are saved by clicking the button on the right that looks like a ribbon. It’s only possible for the account that posted to content to see the number of times a post was saved by others).

Over the next two blogs, I will be sharing more things you need to be doing in order to get your content looking amazing and getting people over to your page. It’s easier than you think, but still incredibly difficult to gain followers. Each day that goes by, more and more content (about 100 million posts a day) go up on Instagram alone. The longer you wait to start posting, the harder it will be to grow.

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